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The health benefits of cycling: why you should start pedaling today

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Cycling isn’t just fun and good exercise, but it has a lot of health benefits as well. Riding your bike can reduce your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol, strengthen your bones, and reduce your stress levels. You’ll feel more relaxed after you ride, and you’ll sleep better at night too. Here are some quick tips to get you started on the road to cycling fitness today!

Top reasons to get on your bike

Cycling is great for your heart! If you cycle regularly, your cardiovascular system becomes more efficient and can better take in oxygen. That means your heart doesn’t have to work as hard when you are at rest, lowering your blood pressure and improving circulation. Cycling also strengthens leg muscles and tones your core. Muscles need exercise to become stronger, especially after a period of inactivity (such as during winter). Cycling will help get your muscles back into shape so that they are ready for summer activities like running or tennis. Plus, spending time outdoors reduces stress—and what’s better than having fun on a bike to combat stress? Whether it’s spinning up hills on a mountain bike or cruising with friends on a road bike, getting outside always beats sitting inside.

How to choose a bicycle for all occasions

The first step to purchasing a bicycle is to choose between a road bike and a mountain bike. Both have their advantages, with road bikes being more suited for city use and generally having lighter frames, thinner tires, and narrow handlebars that allow cyclists to ride in an aerodynamic position. Mountain bikes are better suited for off-road or rougher terrain as they typically have heavier frames, wider tires that offer increased traction on tricky terrain and more upright handlebars. However, once you decide which type of bike suits your riding style there are still plenty of options available on both sides of the divide.

Health benefits

Not only does cycling keep us from getting fatter (by burning more calories than a sedentary lifestyle), it’s also been shown to reduce diabetes risk, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve heart health, and even ward off dementia. Plus it keeps our minds sharp! One recent study found that London taxi drivers have a larger hippocampus – an area of your brain associated with spatial navigation – compared to non-taxi drivers. Driving a cab requires navigating around London 24/7 for years at a time; no doubt, all that experience has helped develop their hippocampuses!

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Cycling is fun

It gets your heart pumping, and that’s a huge perk for your overall fitness. It’s also convenient, helping you get more done during your free time (like running errands or going to a meeting). And if it’s cold outside, there’s no better way to warm up than by putting on those biking shoes and heading out. Even if it’s hot outside, a fun ride can cool you down. Plus, as with any physical activity, you’ll feel great once you’re done. Cycling is good for your body and mind—and it doesn’t take much effort to reap its rewards.

Have I convinced you yet?

Health experts around the world have proclaimed that regular exercise, including cycling, is one of our best defenses against obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases. But even though we may have heard a million times how important it is to pedal on a regular basis, many of us still aren’t hitting our local bike shop for a pair of wheels. Why? Well for one thing, most people don’t know what kind of bike to buy. The other reason: safety concerns. While more cyclists are out there on city streets than ever before, cycling in traffic can be intimidating—especially if you haven’t been doing it long. So I want to convince you right now that getting into shape has never been easier or more fun than when you hop on your bike and take off down your favorite road or trail. Here are five reasons why every cyclist should get out there as soon as possible!

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