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The Lutiband: introducing a medical alert watch you can rely on!

A medical alert watch that’s always in arm’s reach – isn’t that exactly what you want? Especially as an elderly adult, when you’re prone to fall or become sick and in need of urgent medical care, it’s absolutely crucial to be able to contact your doctor or other emergency service professionals quickly and easily so they can get you the help you need as soon as possible. So how do you ensure this happens? By wearing a Lutiband medical alert watch

How do Medical Alert Devices Work?

Medical alert devices work by connecting to an operator in case of an emergency. In addition to providing your personal details, you also need to tell them what kind of help you need, such as whether or not it’s cardiac-related or if it is just a broken leg. All devices come with basic instructions but we encourage our customers to read their devices thoroughly before use. They are all different so take your time and learn how yours works first.

What is Lutiband? Its Features, Benefits, and Pricing Details

LutiBand is the First Wearable Medical Alert Smartwatch of its kind that helps you stay active, connected, safe, and healthy.
Lutiband helaps keep an eye on the following vitals of the subject, heart rate, body temprature, heart rates and also blood oxygen level. In case of an emmergency the wearer only has to long press the Lutiband medical alert for three seconds, which will initiate an emergency 2 way voice call for help, even without a phone.
Lutiband also sends vital information it has collected to 911, which includes location and also the emergency contact data.
Lutiband also features a 4G LTE sim card for communication when needed. this is not only usefull when you are healthy, it offers text and audio messaging.


General Specifications

Button with 3 gestures
Touch Screen Display
GPS Integrated
4G LTE – Data and Calling *
Wi-Fi – Limited to Location Service
Waterproof – IP67
Security Clasp
Two Silicone Bands included (Small and Large)
Portable Magnetic Charger included
Rechargeable Battery
Weight 44grs (1.55oz)
Dimensions 44 x 38 x 13 mm


Body Temperature Sensor
Blood Pressure Sensor
Heart Rate Sensor
Oxygen in Blood Sensor
Fall Detection Sensor

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